RMRC RECRUIT MINI - FPV Flying Wing (PNP, GYRO, 600mm)
RMRC RECRUIT MINI - FPV Flying Wing (PNP, GYRO, 600mm)

RMRC RECRUIT MINI – FPV Flying Wing (PNP, GYRO, 600mm)


New to FPV flying wings? The RECRUIT Mini is an awesome way to start flying them. Add a (Rx) receiver and a battery, then get to flying.

  • Built in GYRO for super stable flights
  • EASY launches by hand due to the GYRO
  • Compact for transport and launch – 600 mm wingspan
  • Takes a licking and keeps on ticking
  • (PNP) Kit let’s you Plug and Fly




Newbies to flying wings and seasoned pilots like the RECRUITS because they are a blast to fly, so easy to launch, plug and play out of the box, and yes they can take a beating!



Easy Assembly! Electronics are fully installed from the factory and the only parts that require glue are the wings and winglets. After gluing, simply plug-in your receiver to the pre-installed gyro that is already tuned to give you the best flight experience possible. The durable Black EPP foam is crash proven by best of the “Dumb Thumb Crew” at RMRC.

One of the best features of the RMRC Mini Recruit is the factory tuned and installed flight controller! It is perfect for new pilots who need the extra assurance of a good first flight and for experienced pilots who just want smoother flight in less than ideal conditions. The stabilizer is simple to wire to your receiver and as easy as assigning a 3 way switch to a spare channel on your RC transmitter.

If you are a multirotor pilot who is getting started on the other side of the hobby, you are sure to recognize the 1806 2400kv motor that is typically found on 4 inch quads. The batteries are very similar and you may already have some in your flight boxes!

If you like to travel with your flying wings and drones, this model has a more compact 600mm wingspan.

What’s new with the RCMC RECRUIT MINI?

  • STRONG Motor! The RECRUIT MINI has a powerful, efficient 1806 2400kv motor
  • Optional wood winglets provide more durability and the option to paint them to your color scheme. (Foam winglets are still included)
  • Skid protector – We added a plastic fuselage protector to help keep you recruit looking new after several landings.
  • Reinforced wing joiners – You told us, and we listened! The Recruit V2 features extra wood panels in the wings to help reinforce the connecting area between the fuselage and wings for added durability.
  • Stronger Elevons – We added a carbon fiber strip to the elevons to help keep your control surfaces flat under hard turns.
  • Smaller Box – Every square inch of the packaging was squeezed out to give you better shipping rates!


  • Factory Tuned and installed Flight Stabilizer with 3 modes: 3D, Take-off/Stabilized, and Stabilizer Off
  • Durable EPP foam
  • Multirotor style, 1806 motor
  • Nose mounting options for FPV cameras
  • Compact size
  • Reinforced leading edge for crash resistance


  • Wingspan: 600mm
  • Length: 212mm
  • Foam: EPP
  • Motor: 1806 2400kv
  • Propeller: 2 Blade 5×4.5
  • ESC: 3s-4s 30A with 5v/2A BEC, XT60
  • Battery: 3s 1300 – 4s 800mah


  • Mini Recruit PNP
  • Installed Stabilizer
  • Installed ESC, Motor, Servos
  • Foam winglets
  • Propeller
  • Decals

Needed to Complete

  • Simple assembly
  • 4 Channel Transmitter/ with standard PWM Receiver (also accepts PPM or SBUS, but with AETR mapping)
  • FPV Gear (Optional)
  • Battery

Gyro Settings

  • There is no need to set up your radio with wing mixing. The gyro does this automatically.
  • Solid Blue LED: Full stabilized/Takeoff mode (Maximum 35-45 degree flight angles)
  • Flashing Red LED: Stabilizer off (Middle switch position, no stabilization)
  • Solid Red LED: Acro Mode (Allows loops and rolls, but stabilized)
  • Note: If you need to switch back into Full stabilized/Takeoff mode, please do so at less than 10% throttle. Otherwise, the gyro will lift the elevons as if it were taking off again.

Model Specs

  • Brand: RMRC
  • RMRC Win: 83522


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